Our love story was created to capture the stories of those who were looking for  a  way to record the special moments in their lives. Like many couples throughout history, these moments are recorded in one way or another. Through the collection of souvenirs these important memories have taken on keepsake memorabilia such as ticket stubs from a movie’s first date, dried corsages, love letters, poems, photos, etc.Now we can see these precious memories in our digitised age without having to rummage through boxes to find them.

By creating beautifully visual, chronological timelines, Our Love Story has designed a way for you to portray your individual content that is specific to, owned and created by you! Unlike popular social media platforms, Our Love Story wanted to give exclusivity and privacy for those wishing to create something unique without compromising your privacy. We wanted a sophistication and designer element included to bring beauty while honouring the special, private journey you and your loved one celebrate.

Our Beginning